Pie in the sky dreams

I am working on bridge thoughts on my weight loss (goal to lose another 44 lbs), negative self beliefs (insecurity, self-pity and feeling like a fraud) and over coming the fear of feeling my emotions. I can always come up with pie in the sky dreams, but seem to get lost when I try to find bridge thoughts. I’ve tried the “I’m learning to be” and “I’m growing to be”, but my old stories/ disappointments come up and I get scared I’m dreaming too big and fear the painful past disappointing experiences. I’ve always believed I was put on this earth for greatness, but I seem to have always had to struggle and fight for everything I have and I feel stuck repeating old stories. I would love to truly believe anything but currently the fact I have gone out of my comfort zone before and seem to be back where I started and had painful experiences is very discouraging. Any thoughts you can help me grow to the next version of myself would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,