Piggybacking on the "money follows value" question

I really appreciate this question because I’ve been wondering about it, too.

I am a teacher and performer who creates immense value every day. Through my classroom and one-on-one teaching, I help young people see themselves in beautiful and empowering ways, and my advocacy for them helps them to go where they most want to go. My performances have brought joy to thousands of people over the years. I’m really proud of my work and the value I create for myself and for so many others every day.

And I make about 50k a year.

I am not complaining. I have a wonderful life and I am rich in so many ways.

But I think I do not fully understand the statement that “money follows value” because I see so many others like me – healthcare professionals, teachers, farmers, socialworkers – who create immense value and yet do not earn or produce substantial incomes. I am genuinely interested in learning to see this in another way.