Piling homework

Hi Brooke, you amazing person you!

V. excited for the time management work this month. I’ve already benefited from the tidbits you’ve dropped here and there this past couple of months so I’m totally on board to work even harder on that.

I have a question about the homework from the different months: I joined in Feb. and loved the intentional feeling work; in March, I thought the daily thought downloads from the future me (who has made 100K€ in 2017 by following my flow and joy) were so insightful and so helpful.

I’m tempted to find a way to keep both of those and add the time management in. What do you think? I know you like constraint and focus, but if I can carve out that 15-20 minutes every day, do you think I would benefit tremendously, like blow-my-mind benefit? Or am I going to burnout? 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you!

PS: I submitted a question on the last day of March (bridge thoughts on cellulite o_O) and I don’t see it either in March or in April; just want to make sure it didn’t slip through the cracks. Thank you!