Pinpointing a Thought

Hello! I do a lot of recipe testing and food photography. I am usually trying to test and photograph several recipes at once – and be very efficient with my time. Because I feel like I’m rushing, my thought is that things are chaotic in the kitchen (food everywhere, dishes, etc.). When a recipe isn’t working out or I feel overwhelmed, I tend to “test” a little too much 😉 meaning – I pick at food, eat without thinking, and feel out of control. I end these days exhausted and very full. I would like to change my action/result on these days and I know it starts with my thoughts. My question: in the moment, I am having trouble pinpointing the thought(s) that cause the feeling of stress/overwhelm. Everything seems to be moving too quickly to actually self-reflect. How do I slow down while this is happening to look at my thoughts and choose others that better serve me? Thank you!