pissed off when not drinking

Hi Brooke,

Since you coached me, I’ve made a real effort to stick with the overdrinking program. I’ve scheduled more nights where I don’t drink, made drink plans that are less than I usually drink. I’ve paid attention to my thinking (not surprisingly, when I have reached my drink plan and have to stop I literally think that I’m dying. haha) Anyway, aside from feeling lost on my nights when I don’t drink, I’m also pissed off. I’m irritable, I want to be alone, annoyed at the kids, etc. So this is interesting to me because I think that when I drink all of the outside stimulus gets drowned out, simulating being alone. So, here’s my question. How to handle being pissed off when not drinking?? I can’t exactly go be alone with a family to care for, but I don’t want to take it out on them. Secondly, will I always be pissed off or will it wane after a time of not drinking? Thanks Brooke, I’m excited to be doing this for real finally. Maybe I’ll end up a success story! – Nicki