Plan Not to Indulge in Indulgent Emotions | DMWC

Could you provide an example of what a plan not to indulge in an indulgent emotion might look like? For example – overwhelm. Thoughts that cause it = “There’s too much to do.” Plan: Daily self coaching to increase awareness around the thoughts. Notice the thoughts as a thoughts. Notice I’m feeling overwhelmed. Allow that feeling to be there and focus more, instead, on how that thought isn’t really even true, because really there is nothing that “has” to be done. Ultimately, I’m thinking I need to do the things because of how I think I will feel (or not) when they are done. But that’s a lie, because feeling never comes from action. It only comes from thinking. So, how I am doing things is more important than what I am doing. And practicing aligning my thinking before I start doing is where I want to be spending my time. So, then, also, part of the plan would be making time to decide ahead of time what is important to me and when I want to do what and then following through on that, self coaching as much as need be. Is this the type of response intended with this week’s work? Thanks much.