planning 25 fails

hi! I have been planning my 25 fails for quarter 1 and for this quarter they kind of fall into 3 buckets: how do i manage my time more intentionally; settling my divorce without people pleasing and finding a new nursery for my kid without taking 3months of research. All of this is aiming to get my mind in the best place possible when I start the certification program in April.
My question is:I am struggling to plan my fails around these topics and finding the order that would work best for the brain. I am aware that focusing on one thing at a time is key but I have a thought that my time management is more for my day at work and the divorce and nursery parts are for the evenings: therefore I would plan them in parallel instead of 1 month one and then move to the other topic in the second month ect…but it doesnt quite feel right either. any thoughts or guidance on how to plan these? thank you!