Planning a Protocol

Hi Brooke. I have been following all of your suggestions for my protocol (NSNF, no snacking, eating two meals a day at noon and 7, etc) and have been losing weight. I feel great and LOVE this way of living. My question is about planning. I haven’t been keeping a food log and the only “planning” I’ve been doing is I’ve committed to only eating protein (unmeasured, but around 4-6 oz. portions eyeballing), healthy fats (1/2 avocado, olive oil, etc.) and veggies, primarily in the form of salads (however sometimes for dinner it will be cooked veggies and protein instead of salad) for both meals. I don’t “cheat” or deviate from that and it is working well (I’ve lost 6 lbs in two weeks– a pretty consistent 1/2 lb per day). My question is, should I push myself to plan more specifically (tomorrow I will eat an Asian cabbage salad with left over lean pork and no-sugar dressing and a small portion of watermelon for lunch) and write it all down as you suggest? Or, since this is working for me so far should I keep working it until it stops working and then implement the record-keeping? I’m curious if in your experience people like me have headed towards pitfalls that I’m not seeing since I’m new to this.

Thanks for your wisdom and guidance!