Planning and deciding ahead

Thank you for all of your great responses this month. I feel like I’m slowly getting what deciding ahead means and then how to honor those decisions. Today I had some insight from my future self – stop using your schedule as a form of self punishment. Plan and schedule and decide ahead from self love and self trust. Whoa. Not sure where it came from but I think this could be what I’ve been missing. I think I’ve been planning from fear, scarcity, feeling unworthy, etc. so my schedule has been all about doing more, being more, being perfect. Packing it with tasks from 7am to 10pm. Even my free time has notes like – crochet 8 rows tonight, finish reading chapter 15, etc. And then trying to get myself to do all the things on my plan no matter what felt like torture. Anyway, no question really but comments on this direction would be appreciated. Thanks again.