Planning Chat

Hi Brooke,This is more like a chat rather than a question because I don’t really know what to ask you. I am up and down with the planning. Being a fly by seat of pants spontaneous kind of disorganizer of my time it was shock horror to have to plan a whole month. My goal is centered around completing three already started exhibition artworks. I also have two other events happening later in the year so I need to keep a fire under them, and while I haven’t included them in the planning homework there are always related jobs to be taken care of during the month for that.
I find putting time constraints onto making the art itself is counter intuitive. I have no idea how long many of the tasks might take so I guess. I also don’t necessarily know the steps. Most times allocated times are not enough. Time evaporates when making. Sometimes it is necessary to contemplate or ruminate over where the work is going. The best way for me to cope with that was to allocate a block of time for artmaking without any detail of what would take place, and work in my usual manner within that time.
I have written down all the other things that need to happen to achieve this goal like writing statements etc together with other day to day tasks to be done. This part is working quite well except for ‘me’ time. My history of making when exhibitions loom is to work constantly until it is done. Never wavering from the focus. I want to be able to be calmer to be with others and myself and have more planning to lessen the stress around deadlines. I had to make lists for myself of nurturing things I can do for ‘time out’ and factor them into the plan. So far these are the things on my list that don’t get done.
This last week I have tried sticking to the time frames I have allocated, but I am still behind and don’t get everything done that I anticipated. Your video on ‘do goals’ in How to Feel Better has been the most insightful. It gave me a visual to use and ideas on what this plan might look like. I am not giving up because I know this is valuable work and I want to bring it into my reality and feel comfortable within planning. I am excited about the possibility of what a disorganized artist might achieve if she had a plan. Thanks for listening.