Planning an exception meal

I am having a really hard time planning an exception meal. I gave up sugar and flour and doing IF. I am so close to my weight goal. I know this will be a great opportunity for me to really learn why I am having such resistance in planning an exception especially as I transition to maintaining my weight and reintroducing joy meals. My mind is acting confused with what I want as an exception. I am eating off my protocol occasionally, but it is never planned. For instance, I will eat lunch and dinner, no sugar, no flour. The exceptions will be a handful of nuts in the afternoon outside of a meal, or a second helping at dinner. Sometimes I will eat breakfast and dinner – this is also spontaneous and not planned. I am considering a joy eat to be something like dessert, at this time, I just don’t want it but believe I will want it again eventually. So I am thinking about seconds or snacks as an exception.