Planning food ahead of time

I really do not like pre-planning. I was doing the urge jar class and I see that’s a huge part of it. However, I’ve never wanted pre-planning to be a part of my life. I’ve lost 60 pounds so far without pre-planning. I see the benefits in terms of counting on myself, but I feel I count on myself since I meal prep all my meals and snacks ahead of time on my protocol and only eat those. So the extent of my planning is to stay on my protocol for meals and snacks (stuff I’ve meal prepped at the beginning of the week) and only eat when I’m hungry. To be honest, I do use the urge jar but only for urges I allow to eat off my protocol. If I go somewhere I don’t know where food is served I plan that. Usually I tell myself – stay on protocol . I’m looking for comments on my approach. Am I missing something so big I’ll regret sticking to my way? Whenever I’ve made plans I feel so much dislike doing them. I do track everything I eat after the fact, but beyond meal prepping, I really don’t want to pre-plan anymore details.