Planning for results

Okay so I felt like I understood this, but I guess not in its entirety.

So when we plan out our month, everything that gets written down with the specific time to get it done, is all planned in results thinking?

This is for everything?


I would put Sunday mornings from 8:45-9:45 am as “Clean up time”.

But I should instead be planning for the result which would be “vacuum floor, get dirty basket washed + dried + folded, out dishes away”

Instead of “work out” or “leg day”
Planning for results would be “ complete 20 minutes of walking” or “ Complete x reps of x sets “

For business, instead of “work on blog post”

“Research x topic for blog post, outline blog post with these 3 tips” , “complete rough draft for blog post”, “ edit blog post, add photos and hit publish”

If I’m reading or doing a course

“ read x amount of pages “ or “complete x module with worksheets filled out”

Am I getting this right?

I feel like in some areas I do this, but not for others.

If I’m “learning” something, I’ll just go on and on and realize “oh crap, I just kept watching and didn’t write or apply anything”

That’s me typically avoiding real work. Also due to poor planning. I’ll say “do research” and it just goes on sometimes cause I don’t feel satisfied with everything I’ve learned.

Thanks Brooke!