Planning my fails

I am so excited about my crazy goal for 2018 – to start a blog and podcast called “You, Daring Greatly” – a forum to be inspired by stories from women who followed their heart to create the life of their dreams in the face of fear, self-doubt, adversity ete. etc… I have dared AND failed greatly over the last 3 years and could not be more grateful for the place I am in right now despite being essentially broke and just coming out of a failed marriage. I gave up a 6-figure job to pour my heart, soul and life savings into a business that I started from scratch in 2014 but never managed to make money at (though I learned and accomplished many great things in the process). Caused all sorts of stress in my marriage which the relationship could not withstand (now leaving it from a place of love and respect not anger and resentment). Fiercely proud of myself despite how my life might look right now on “the outside”, because I know what’s going on on the inside is what truly matters 🙂
All this to say…my goal gets me so energized – despite being “impossible” (what business do I have starting a podcast and blog… I am unknown, no background in this area, zero contacts, no network, no money… blah blah blah).
It ends up, despite having NO CLUE about any of it, I managed to fill up my first quarter of epic fails with actionable things I can do to start getting this done. Amazing.
Yet there is still the part of me that thinks getting back on my feet financially should be my goal for 2018 (i.e. get a “real job” and start paying down my debt). To not do this would be “irresponsible and delusional”.
Reality is I have to deal with the practical matter of surviving financially over the next year. In order to work towards my crazy goal, I’m still going to have to figure out how to pay my rent. Is it ok for that to be part of my “to do” list of planned fails for 2018, even though it might involve doing stuff that does not directly relate to my true goal and may be more of a compromise in the meantime vs. a potential fail?
I am convinced I can figure this out.