Planning My Future

I am 50 years old and recently divorced my husband after 20 years of marriage. My future is now very different than it would have been had I stayed hiding in my marriage. I feel so free, it’s quite amazing! I absolutely love planning my future on purpose now. Before my divorce, I would have continued to coast along with whatever my husband wanted.

I have spent my entire 29 year career in the same industry. I have been at my current company for many years advancing several times to my current role. I am great at my job, manage a large team, earn a very good salary and plan to advance one more time at my company over the next 2 years. (big uncomfortable goal).

My self-coaching has not only changed my beliefs about myself as I have navigated through my divorce but my new found confidence and purpose is being recognized at work. I am hearing regularly how I am positively impacting others/our work and even have colleagues asking me to coach them. My plan is to retire from my “current career” and this company at 56. (big uncomfortable goal).

I want my “next career” to be in coaching, working part-time at home, in a warmer climate. (biggest and most uncomfortable goal!). But, my next career is 6 years away. I am very interested in taking your How to be a Life Coach course in Sept as I feel there will be enormous benefits to continuing to learn to coach myself and my team at work and get certified but I don’t need the business building support just yet. OR DO I? How early is too early to plan for my next career?

Thank you for your thoughts!