planning things bring me pleasure LH

hi there
i just noticed that i LOVE planning things.
i love planning a trip somewhere, planning how to decorate my appartment (that i don’t have yet), planning my wedding or just simple things like a girls night etc.
i love the planning more then doing the things when the day is arrived.
so i did a thougths download and i noticed that i love planning because my thoughts around the girlsnight or the trip or the appartment are just sooo positive, happy, excited. but then when i have it its not so special anymore.
that leads to more planning and as soon as i booked my one trip and i didn’t even go on that trip i already have another one in mind. which also leads to missing the time and just concetrating on these “big moments”.
Its stresses me out because i’ve i’m being honest i was always hoping that that something or someone will come into my life and everything would be better and easy and now that i now it doesnt work that way am telling myself: whats the point in even planning things because i know how it works out:

planning a thing
doing the thing
not as great as expected
put to much energy in it

would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

thanks so much