plateau at my (first) weight goal (follow up)

So I did exactly what you suggested, meaning nothing and 2 days later…: minus one pound on the scale!
You’re so right, no hurry, I’ve a lifetime to achieve my real goal: growing and becoming a better me (but thinner ;))
By the way, I was feeling like crap, I cannot describe you how it was ugly and hard to live for me and my family (overreacting to any contrariety or trying to avoid interaction to not feel since I decided to stop buffering… My brain is really smart!). So as you suggested, I begun the How to feel better workshop and it helped me so much!!! It’s really hard to go this deep inside myself but so helpful. A huge thank you to Brooke for these programs and to all of you because I feel that someone has my back if I feel lost and it’s comforting. I’m less afraid to deeper.