plateau at my (first) weight goal

First, thank you so much for all the happiness and the crap you brought into my life by making me reveal my emotions. But also thank you for all the new informations, the extraordinary insights, the over delivering and the consistency. You’re an example and an inspiration for me (and by the way my husband too;)
Please excuse my English, I’m French and not always well expressing myself.
I join scholars in February for many reasons: learn to experience my emotions, stop buffering, learn to be my(real)self, taking massives actions and lose the 8 last pounds from my pregnancies.
As you advice to stick to one subject at first, I was concentrating on loosing weight, which was incredibly easy: I lost it in 5 weeks (feeling like crap obviously but finally feeling all kind of emotions and immensely proud of the work in progress).
And then I was thinking, if I can believe anything and create anything why not to loose 2 or 3 more pounds, to be as thiner as I always wanted to be. So I didn’t change a thing at my first protocol, but I’m not loosing weight anymore. It seems I’m at a plateau.
What is your advice: Shall stick to my protocol, wait and see? Shall I change my protocol? Shall I try a longer fasting period? (I fast from 8 to 12 and I find it fantastic for me)
Once again thanks for all!