Hi Brooke,
Thank you so much for everything you’re teaching me – I loooove it!
My dare of the month is to commit to losing my last 5 kilos. Everyday, I’m daring myself to follow my protocol: I skip breakfast, have lunch around 12-1pm (1 cup legumes, 1 tablespoon of fat in my dressing, 2 cups raw vegetables) and dinner around 6pm (2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of fat in my dressing, 2 cups raw vegetables, 1 cup fruit and 1/2 cup nuts). Very boring but I just love the simplicity of it! My stomach grumbled a little in the morning around 7 and 10 but I just notice it and let it go. I exercise for half an hour every morning (kicboxing, fitness, ST, splits…) because I feel energized and fully awake afterwards.
However, for a week now, I’ve been solid about my food plan and my weight is not decreasing. I’ve added a 100 urges worksheet as my table mat in case I feel like having some more nuts (the worksheet eliminated all my snacks and cravings in April so I feel relieved to have it there – I know it helps and it does). I’ve written my compelling reason (“I’m going to prove to myself that I can reach the hardest goal”) on that same table mat so that I can focus on it during dinner. Now, after dinner, I can’t wait to check the Ask Brooke section for some juicy thoughts so I tend not to stay in the kitchen after dessert as I used to.
I do thought downloads every day. For instance, I’m trying to move my lunch time to 1:30pm or even later and all kinds of thoughts came up on Tuesday: “I’ll be starving, I can’t do it, I’ll feel awful all morning…” until I remembered that I had already eaten at that time once, when I hadn’t planned to. So I switched my unintentional thought pattern to “I’ve already done it so I can do it again, on purpose this time.”
And yet, I seem to be stuck at 59.2kg. What should I change?
Thank you so much again! Have a wonderful day!
Nan (work in progress)