playing around with the R line first

I was super inspired by the September work, and want to keep going with getting it done (alongside the October homework). I am out of town for work for the next 3 weeks, and one goal / intention / thing I’ve been dreaming about is booking another job while I’m out of town via an audition tape (I’m an actor). So I’ve been playing around, and I built this intentional model, by defining the R line first. I don’t feel any particular attachment as to whether the R line happens in this particular tight timeline, but am interested to see how it fuels my daily actions while out of town. Any tips on this particular experiment? Any help with thoughts around this R goal?

Intentional Model (that I created from working backwards from the R line)
C job hunt
T there is an exciting film role out there that is waiting for me
F worthy + sexy
A daily downloads on exciting actions to take towards goal (+ the actions)
R book a role in an exciting film project by October 20th