Please check model

C: Nanny gave only bread to boy
T: I am not a good mother
F: guilty
A: ruminate I am not good enough, I beat myself up and start judging, finding faults with myself
R: I create doubt in myself as mom

C: same
T: this is not right, she should not have done this
F: upset
A: literally going to cry, heart sinking, feedback to nanny
R: I create sadness for me

C: same
T: I am wondering what she was thinking/ why did she do it
F: angry
A: send message to my husband to install camera, give feedback to her again, getting angrier
R: I create more anger for myself

Intentional model:

C: same
T: she has made a mistake
F: calm
A: give feedback, take action, learn and move on
R: I create learning and move on