Please Check this Model

I just finished a practice client session, then I did a thought download/model right after.

C: Session with Client
T: I feel like I’m not explaining this very well
F: unsure of myself, awkward
A: Kept talking and trying to explain, finish session, not sure what else to say, end session early, question my ability to explain well, get in “my own head”, stop holding space for myself
R ?? I still believe I didn’t explain things well?? Not happy with session

I’m not sure what R ties back into the T. Maybe R: or just “I didn’t explain things well” but I see that this is a thought also.
What other R might go in this model?

There’s another model here too:

C: In a session I said, “I feel like I’m not explaining this very well” (I have a recording of this session so it’s provable)
T: I shouldn’t have said that
F: Regret
A: do a thought download, ruminate about the session, try to feel better by telling myself it wasn’t that bad (not really believing it), wonder if she will sign up for another session (thinking she might not sign up again because that was not a good session), sit with discomfort, check my email (distract), think about what else I did wrong, wish I had said different things, tell myself I stumbled over my words, notice the discomfort I’m feeling.
R ??? Not happy with session, not happy with myself

Neither of these R’s seem to line up completely.

The first model was during the session, the other was immediately after. I think I might be mixing these two models up, or I had so many thoughts so close together, I’m not totally sure where to put what. I’d like to get another coach’s perspective on it.

Thank you!