Please say yes and soon.

Ive been in scholars since february and basically consumed the first 6 months. But now ive had a shift and im really applying it to my life to learn how to stop buffering. I am also wirking with one of your coaches which has been great! I was listening to a podcast this morning and at the start you said you had just finished doing a 6 day coaching for your clients in scholars who do not want to be life cosched but really dig derp into the program. I dont know when you fid this but i am hoping this is sonething you would offer again!!! I think this would be awesome!!! Like i said im here to learn and improve myself and maybe my future hokds being a life ciach thru scholars one day but i would so live to see a 6 day program just for scholars looking to apply your work for themselves. Is this sonething you wiuld consider in the near future?