Pleasure from food leading to overeating?

Hi Brooke, I”m a newby this month (June) but absolutely loving SCS and have already made so much progress with my self development. I have a question around food and desire for food. As someone who has spent many years obsessing about food but trying to find ways to ‘over eat’ in a healthy was so as not to put on weight, I created my whole identify around food and it was all consuming. I”ve been doing a lot of work on this throughout June and (having done the stop over eating course on here twice now) realise that although I don’t have weight to lose, the protocol and new habits will (and have) helped me get freedom from this way of thinking and feeling that I was controlled by food. I’ve shifted my mindset and habits around food significantly. I have simplified all my meals and remind myself that food is fuel not entertainment – though this is a daily process for me. I have stopped snacking and stick to two meals a day. Fasting etc.. However, I find I’m still enjoying my food a bit too much (I love fat so this way of eating is very enjoyable for me) and when I do enjoy my food this much I can’t stop when i’m full. I also think I can eat all of the ‘on plan’ food I want because it is ‘on plan’. I eat to the point just beyond full and then for some reason rather than my brain telling me to stop as i’m full now, it triggers me to want to eat more. I don’t usually go on to eat more but then find each meal cause an urge to eat more as I don’t want the food to be over! I have a binge eating past so this over-full feeling in my tummy and then the trigger to look for more food, seems to come from that place. It is a bit like alcohol too, when I’ve got that ‘over full’ extended feeling in my tummy I seem to have a sense of losing control of the eating in the same way a glass of wine can reduce your ability to reason with your child brain. To overcome this, is the best way to work harder to remove the pleasure from food and if so how? Do I choose foods I don’t like? Or is this more about the model and the thoughts i’m thinking? I hope this makes sense. Even as i’m typing it I can see my thought loops all over the place! The model is new to me so any advice you can offer would be appreciated. Thank you.