Pleasure in food…

Okay, I know food is suppose to be boring…

I am nutritional coach and PT who signed up for SCS for the business skills and thought work. However during my first couple weeks I noticed I was doing some buffering with food, so I switched over to the weightless program to see what you (Brooke) had say about thought work and food…AND WOW sh*t! Your concepts on desire and authenticity blew my mind! I’ve been looking for the right way to help my clients work through emotional blocks and sugar addictions…I LOVE YOUR WHOLE PROTOCOL concept, just AMAZING.

So I drew up my own protocol last week and have been following it for the last 10 days…Im down almost a full 10lbs (and I wasn’t overweight to begin with) …But I truly LOVE what I’m eating…is that gonna cause me problems with my thought progress?

I have coffee w/ whole cream in the am
*If I workout heavy in the am I sometimes have a protein shake afterwards (I have a lot of muscle Im wanting to hold on to)
water water water
1pm Large Chicken Caesar Kale salad – no croutons, no sugar dressing, but extra parmesan – 6oz chicken
6pm 6oz salmon or steak w/ asparagus & parm or brussel w/ bacon
7pm – Chai tea with whole cream before bed

So Im in love with this, I feel like I could eat it for months! My body is reacting beautifully…so what i’m curious about…is my enjoyment of my protocol gonna f*ck up my thought work on chocolate cake in the future? I am really trying to sit down and enjoy the fueling aspect of my meal more then the taste of them. But I am also one of those people that can’t keep cookies in the house, so I want to make sure I get the most benefit mentally out of doing this.

Should I be switching over to a more bland protocol like…

coffee no cream
plain lettuce and tilapia
steamed spinach and fried liver

Yuck, that sounds awful! But is that the point?

The overall goal is to create NO desire for food, so ALL my desire can be shifted to my business, my clients and my husband…not in that order;)

Thanks for all you do!!

SCS is going to change my life…it already has and it hasn’t even been a full month!