Pleasure on purpose

Hi. I sometimes I find myself believing “I am too strict with myself” and “I am not allowing enough true pleasures in my life.” How would you advise me to approach these beliefs? If I ask myself if I want to create more true pleasures, do I know what are they for me in my life? And no I am not sure about that. Feelings of comfort, fun, excitement, entertained I can easily create them with food or youtube and that is fine, but I need also something more fulfilling, or alternatives. And I see how I am falling short on knowing how to create physical pleasure, intimacy with myself, as well as how to create true connection with other people.

So I know this is something that is very personal and I have to figure out by myself by going on an exploration. At the same time I would like to be inspired by other people, in the same way as we sometimes borrow intentional thoughts that resonate with us from listening to what others have come up with.

I would like then to ask you if from your experience of coaching many people you could offer me a few ideas of the ways that some people generate these feelings on purpose in their lives. I would be grateful to hear some of them, and by the way I am very confident to know if something would work also for me or not. Thanks in advance!