Pleasure vs. Happiness

I went to a talk by Dr. Lustig recently, the author of Fat Chance (great book, so relevant to what we do here).

He said something that I thought we can all benefit here in SCS.

He compared Pleasure vs. Happiness, with the thought that we all feel so entitled to “be happy” all the time.

And that we confuse pleasure and happiness.

It goes like this:

Pleasure: fast, short-lived, visceral, addictive, dopamine secretion
Happiness: slow, long-term, ethereal, not addictive, serotonin secretion

He was talking to a room full of doctors, so he threw in science and such into it.

As a SCSer, I read it as Pleasure = Buffering (overeating, over drinking, over everything) while Happiness is our reason to live and the our purpose in life (the results we want).

It helped me a ton, so I wanted to share here! 🙂