Pleasure VS Joy

I’m in my third month of scolars, quit overeating easily, lost almost 10pounds, accepting to feel like crap most of the time as part of the deal. But so much undercover emotions are coming to the surface that I’m overreacting to every little contrariety. And now I feel that IA bot good, not fair to my husband and children.

So: When do joy arrive when you quit plesure ? When do you really get adjust to not have these dopamine hit and live a bit happily? It seems I’m feeling so restless and depressed at the same time: I can’t laugh anymore feeling like a mess and inadapted permanently… and as I don’t have the “food escape” anymore, I’m feeling it 100%… is there something I can do to change the loop? (More than following the programm, listening to the podcast and doing my homework?)