Plugging into matrix

Hi Brooke,

I have been doing so well with my overeating until Friday when a couple of my urges came up. I was overtired and I just wanted to get out of work which I did and then instead of sleeping, I watched 3 movies back to back and I kept watching moves any time I could over the weekend. Also on Friday I had an intense feeling to eat and after lunch I had a Dairy Queen cookie. Granted I think I handled it well in a sense I decided that I didn’t really berate myself. Also it made me realise that I can have a cookie but I don’t really care about it any more. It was more the feeling when I watch movies that I want to eat sweet. Also the movies I watched are all these Hallmark movies I love and I realised it is a pure escape from life and getting a shot of those emotions from the movie that is so addictive to me. I know that I should not watch these movies unless I decide ahead of time, but how do I stop myself in the moment from spiraling out of control?