PMS and productivity

I get really bad PMS and I am being treated with it with HRT. For 2 weeks I feel anxious, depressed, irritable, overwhelmed and apathetic. My models for the 2 weeks are constantly about my PMS and my thoughts about it. I think I have reached a point of acceptance that this is my negative 50% and I don’t expect to feel better but I feel that if it is my thoughts about PMS that are driving my actions, then somehow I should be able to change my thoughts in order to spring into action and carry out my schedule. I just couldn’t do it or didn’t want to do it. Life or my thoughts about my life felt overwhelmingly difficult. So I didn’t manage this month at all well. I’m trying to work out what happened so that I can learn from this month and retry the planning my schedule.

So should I schedule in more self-care over the 2 PMS weeks, do the bare minimum and have no expectation of myself for getting work done towards my goals? Or should I push through no matter how awful I feel and schedule in the same amount of work without taking PMS into account? I wasn’t able to do it this month and I started to make myself feel worse by beating myself up and feeling useless.