PMS fog

Throughout my monthly cycle, I live such a great life and really wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready to get my work done. I have to say, that I really do love my life and love my work.

However, whenever it is that time of the month, I have terrible PMS symptoms. During the time of the month, I find that I don’t get my work done, feel extremely exhausted and sometimes even have spells of anxiety. It is something totally physical and only lasts around 2-3 days until my period is over.

I find that during this time, I am extremely unproductive and also get this sober feeling where I feel like “I just don’t care”.  I would really like to learn how to coach myself on how to be more productive during the time of the month. I have come to terms with the fact that this time of the month is when my brain does this thing where I feel a lot more sad/anxious and also have a lot less energy. I don’t mind experiencing these feelings, but what I find is that I just don’t end up getting as much work done or be as productive as I initially wanted to. This is a problem for me as I would like to keep my productivity to where it is normally, and don’t want to fall behind on my work schedule.

Please could you help coach me on this!