PMS symptoms and Intentional Model Help.

I have mood swings with PMS. This is my first month in scholars and I am amazed at how much my awareness of these symptoms has increased. Like Brooke says- someone flipped the light switch in that room! I am now able to just watch these thoughts and am completely choosing not to act on them from a place of emotional adulthood and love being in control of that. However I am still struggling with replacing the negative/habitual thoughts with an intentional model containing a better thought. So here is what I came up with
C- PMS symptoms
T- I have a lot of negative/habitual thoughts around this and that is ok. OR I am learning to be more aware of my PMS symptoms
F- ?Acceptance?Awareness, Compassion
A- ?Pause before acting?? Not sure what the action is here
R-?Peace with myself?In control
Help me figure out this model better please.
PS- Its only been 26 days and I have already lost 5 lbs (I did not even attempt weight loss- just focussing on changing my relationship with foods) and my husband who loves this new, more aware and positive version of me asked me yesterday to confirm that I had made my payment for SCS next month- he said-” don’t even think about getting off this program without asking me- this is amazing work and you should keep at it”!