Hi and thank you!! Reading the replies you give to others is like watching others get coached. I learn things I didn’t even realize I wanted to learn.

—If this has already been addressed, my apologies. I searched, but didn’t find it.

—-Have you had women report difficulty with identifying thoughts when experiencing premenstrual syndrome? As a gynecologist, I understand the physiologic side and am intrigued with the interplay between hormonal fluxes and the model. Yet, as I sit here today experiencing my typical, right on time, physical PMS symptoms, I’m puzzled at how quiet and frankly empty my mind is. With my irritability and inner rage at minutiae, I can easily find the thoughts, run a model and get insight. But what I’m curious about much of my day, I can’t identify ANY thoughts. It’s not necessarily a problem that I can’t ID any thoughts, but it’s unusual to me b/c I don’t have any trouble w/ a TDL any other day of the month. But on a PMS day, for about 12h, I have blank silence between my ears. It’s not necessarily unpleasant or pleasant. When it’s quiet, I feel like I could stare off in space and just do nothing. Like, it would be a great time to do a body scan meditation. When this occurs, I can definitely think thoughts on purpose– because it’s so quiet in my mind that I can imagine a pin dropping. I find myself generating the thought: “It’s sure quiet in here and that’s ok. This quiet will pass. If it’s comfortable, fine, if it’s uncomfortable, that’s fine too.” Anyone else describe this?