^Podcast 147 winner! :)

hi Brooke

Wow, that’s a ripper podcast #147. Lots of really solid concepts in there.
Coupled with #146 about compelling reason, that’s some powerful stuff.
I am committed to Scholars and my goals. Actually I’m very good at achieving goals – but beneath that I MUST manage my emotions, or I will tear my success apart.

I need to learn to manage my emotions because:
(a) The suppression of them is killing me (e.g. heart attack)
(b) I cant work with others until I’m authentically working on myself
(c) I’m denying myself success and the realisation of my calling
(d) Suppressing emotions is hell

So if my commitment is to emotional maturity and my 2018 goals, the why is because without emotional maturity nothing further can be achieved.

It sounds a bit lacking in some way. Thoughts?