Podcast (#154) on Apathy

Hi Brooke!
I finished the Podcast and work on Apathy yesterday. Wow! How did I miss that my whole life? It’s crazy to think all the buffering I have done to avoid becoming what I could be. It was so enlightening when you made the passenger on the bus analogy. I have definitely always been the passenger! Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a really nice, fancy, full loaded bus complete with a clean bathroom and has traveled to amazing places, but were they the stops I was supposed to make along the way? I’m going with yes because it lead me here. Today I get to start the work to truly figure out how to become the bus driver and take myself anywhere I want to go. Woohoo!
Yesterday was amazing! I made a game plan, stuck to it and was done with my day by noon. What?! Noon?! Yes!!!! I was able to spend the afternoon walking with a friend and enjoying playing with her puppy guilt free knowing that I had cleared my calendar.
This months work challenging us to figure out what emotion we want to choose to accomplish our daily goals can be a wee difficult. I have a dog that is exuberant about everything! He can be in a dead sleep and you ask if he wants to go for a walk and he’s up out the door with a “heck yeah I do”!!! While watching his excitement this morning over whether it was feeding time or time for a walk, I thought, that’s it! I want to approach life like that! Want to exercise, eat on plan, learn Spanish, work on your book? Heck Yeah! I love all that and can’t wait to get to it! Of course, I don’t actually love all that but I like the fact I have the tools to choose to love it and do models to help me get there.
Thanks Brooke for sharing all your awesome tools. I’m looking forward to driving MY bus!