PODCAST 155, Q 3

Hi Brooke!
I am going through the homework for podcast 155 on Negativity and looking for alternative thoughts for the “negative” stuff in my life. Although I am getting better I am looking for an alternative thought to my partner’s daughter is entitled and spoiled. What I have come up with is that she is just as she is supposed to be and she is teaching me how to love myself and her unconditionally. The reason for this is because I see myself this way and of course it’s not pleasant. The other part is that she, in turn, is raising her kids to be entitled (in my opinion). This is none of my business I know but I just want to change my thoughts about her and believe them. This of course will teach me to change my thoughts about myself. I want to feel unconditional love all of the time for her and me as she is a part of my family. Like I said, I have been doing lots of work on this but still need some help.
Thanks again!