Podcast #164 – Love 2.0 – Exercises


I’m struggling with the question 8 of this episode’s exercises: Who do you sometimes think is unlovable? Why are you wrong about that?

I find it easy to love unconditionally everybody, including myself, with the exception of deliberately malicious people who seek to harm other people or animal.

I understand and agree with the idea that they are 100% lovable, but I don’t want to feel love for them and I’m okay with this idea.

For example, two days ago a family friend was walking his dog. He heard a gunshot, the dog whimpered and ran away bleeding. It turns out that a guy had voluntarily tried to kill the dog, and that he had poisoned other cats and dogs in the same village until he was finally caught when he shot our friend’s dog.
I don’t feel love for this guy, and I don’t want to, but I agree with the fact that me not loving him doesn’t make him less lovable.

Am I doing this exercise right, or am I missing a part of the equation?