Podcast #175 Why 50/50?

Hi my friend Brooke :),
My name is Jenny, and my purpose is to be a peaceful human.
I am 29 year old mum to be (yay!), living in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Pete. In work and life I design systems that reduce waste and generate more value. As systems are my jam, I LOVE the model and your teaching style. I also love you!

So my question from week one’s assignment is why did you come up with a mix of 50/50 for the balance of positive emotion? What if my sweet spot is another mix, say 80 negative and 20 positive?
I think 50/50 is a choice right? And I can choose what balance of positive emotion is most effective at making me a peaceful human?
Would love to hear more thoughts on this.

I have two other questions:
1. this is my first SCS month, and I’m not clear on what the coaching calls are for? This week’s seemed to be more of a chat, not specific to the weekly work? Is that right?
2. If you’re into the enneagram, I’m an enthusiast, which means I’m naturally more optimistic and am so excited about chasing dreams I can forget to stay present. Doing the thought models this week, I’ve noticed my thoughts are usually at more extreme ends of the spectrum- I.e. Wildly negative, then when I do an intentional thought model, the thought I go to is wildly positive. For example: circumstance: I eat dairy. Unintentional thought “I’m going to feel sick, break out in pimples and curl up in the foetal position all day”. I wanted to immediately change this thought to “this food is nourishing”, which didn’t feel peaceful, so I went with “I’m grateful for the food I have” instead. While this is less sunshine and rainbows, It feels like a “buffer” thought. Do you have any suggestions on how I can come up with more “neutral” thoughts to replace the widely negative ones?

Arohanui (Means big love in Mauri),