Podcast 176

I’m reminded that I’m in control of MY thoughts only. While I totally get and agree with the fact that we’re all worthy at the core of our existence, there are times when I ‘feel’ envy and judgment of others begin their song in my head. I’ve learned to quickly do the model and I gain control…..It seems I’m more apt to judge others when I’m caught up in judging myself! I guess that’s what the Bible verse really means ‘Judge not lest YE be judged’. It all starts with me (although my Baptist upbringing would strong shake their finger at me!) I’m enjoying everything about the school. I’m able to plug in what I’ve learned daily and I’ve even helped my family out a bit. I’d love to join the call on the 21st to learn more about Coaching as a career but that’s the day of the eclipse. I’m on EST so the call hits right at the peak of ‘show time’. Will it be a recorded call or will another be available at a later date? Thank you for all you’re doing for so many! Cheryl Young, Kathleen GA