Podcast 183 How To Have a Better Life

I worked through the podcast 183 homework and have a question about the models I wrote under question #8. My intentional model still doesn’t have positive feelings but I think it’s because my thought is more like a bridge thought than a positive thought? Still, I can see how this thought at least gets me to take action even with negative feelings attached to it. Thoughts?

C – my husband left me for another woman
T – this is terrible, how can he just throw away our marriage of 15 years for a 20-year younger woman
F – hurt, devastated, shame, lost, feeling like a victim
A – hiding, buffering,
R – I am stuck, no progress

C – my husband left me for another woman
T – I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me
F – sad, hurt, resentful
A – I actively seek on how to re-build my life, I do models, process my feelings and work on changing my thoughts
R – Making progress in getting over the shock