Podcast #186 – How to make 100K

I have listened to this podcast twice now. This is by far, one of the best podcasts you have done so far. Interviewing your coaches was so good. I loved them all. So inspiring. Along with doing the work every month, listening and watching the entrepreneur videos, etc., I want to share with you that today it finally clicked. I scheduled all my results that I will accomplish for the next two weeks. Today, my results scheduled were to write my blog – check!, develop my landing page, opt in and freebie – check! Do a FB ad and schedule – check! All done! This is exactly what I wanted to accomplish and I did it! Thanks for the podcast today! Truly inspired me to get shit done and I did everything I set out to do. Results are rocking!!! Love you!!!! I will make my 100K, I am soooooo excited to give to the world, to my peeps, to my IC! Being a life coach is the most amazing thing I have ever decided to do. I can’t wait for your school next year. I’m going to slay this for sure!!! Whoo Hoo! Thanks!!!