Podcast #210

Hi Brooke
I’ve listened to many of your podcasts and specifically podcast #210 a few times over. I’m very connected to the message that you deliver and in just a very short time through SCS, private coaching, and doing work, I have made sweeping changes in my life. I’m feeling some of the best I have ever felt! When I listen to podcast #210, again and again, something inconsistent stands out. I feel that one of the main highlights of this show is the level of the “numerous” and prestigious degrees Dr. Heinz holds. She is mentioned as one of your coaches but it makes me wonder if all your coaches are highlighted to the level that Dr. Heinz was. If according to Steve Chandler’s statement that the bar for coaching is low but the bar for its success is high, this podcast does not equally represent the message of The LCS. I imagine that your coaches come from all walks of life with all sorts of backgrounds and education. I am saying this because I’m one of your to-be coaches and my application to attend the training in August consisted of just a few personal questions based on beliefs about oneself. What I’m saying is that I feel that the show focused on Dr. Heinz’ credentials and how they serve as an LCS coach and not necessarily a true representation of any original thoughts she may have. Can you help me with anything I may have heard incorrectly? (if you would like to respond to me personally instead of on this forum – I’m fine with that. I only want to understand)