Podcast 222

Mind blown this week. I thought this month with all the dares blew my mind but whoa this week-unbelievable. First I hit VIP in a week. I was informed about modelthon n immediately signed up (already am coming to coach train in Aug) for the one in July. Of course the next day I go into complete freak out with myself. Like what the heck am I doing? There is the nudge that keeps whispering to me. So to calm my nerves of course I do a model. My “nudge” keeps telling me “to go towards the light”. I snicker to myself Brooke-you know that saying comes from Poltergeist!!!!! It’s kept me calm n giggling at myself when I start to freak about coming ur way in a week. So much of ur work has come together this week. Podcast 114, 146, and now 222. You summed up my thoughts, 222 summed up my “my mind freaking out about all this newness coming (modelthon, coach training, etc). It’s all uncomfortable but I’m willing to be in discomfort on purpose. Thank u so much for all this work. It’s been life changing!!!!