Podcast #232 Question

I listened to podcast #232 about Aligned Model and would like help with understanding the concept:

My Current Weight Model:

C= I weigh 152 pounds
T= I’ll start tomorrow/next week
F= Over desire
A= Eat off protocol
R= I weigh 152 pounds

Future Aligned Model

C= I weigh 125 pounds
T= I found a way to eat that works for me
F= Dialed-in, confident
A= She doesn’t eat flour or sugar, she does IF, and she eats fresh salads with lean protein and fat twice a day.
R= I weigh 125 pounds

Because I’ve already lost my weight while being a scholar (but gained it back), I remember that when I reached my goal weight, it just became a natural thing for me. I had no special feelings towards eating this way or my weight. It was like, ‘Yes, it’s just how I eat.’

When I try to think this thought now, I hear my lower brain telling me: ‘Yeah, but you don’t eat this way anymore. You eat cakes, bread, and cookies, remember?’

How do I answer my brain back then?