Podcast – Butterflies Walking

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I listened to Brooke’s podcast called “Butterflies Walking.” How she told the story of the butterfly and the use of the metaphor really resonated with me. I ended up replaying it three times! The first thought that came to mind was “yup, that’s me! I hate to admit it but I am that butterfly that is walking and saying “I’m not ready yet, I need to get better at walking first!” It really hit home because it made me reflect on how I’ve held myself back from living my dreams because I was afraid of flying and falling. I don’t avoid falling altogether, but I guess I have been hiding my wings. I look back and sometimes wonder what if I just tried and didn’t give up? What if I didn’t care what others thought about me? What if I just stopped comparing myself to others and believe that I am unique and special and worthy? I want to start a new chapter in my life where fear is no longer controlling my destiny. I no longer want to succumb to the “peanut chatter.” Brooke, thank you for being an example of what is possible and it is my hope that I can do the same for other women.