Your podcast flows, how do you do your magic?

I’m a brand new student at the Self Coaching Scholars and I’m already benefiting from the April time topic. I procrastinated setting up an email address, and yes it took me some time to get it done, but it’s done. Off my plate, my brain and it moves my business. And I can check it off from my day. Thank you, Brooke.

I’m starting a podcast all about Airbnb. I work as an Airbnb host and I teach people how to host. I have taught monthly webinars for over two years and at conferences without any problems. I’m confident on my topic and speaking to people. But I find myself needing to write every word I need to say or I ramble off and repeat myself. I currently record with an audio engineer but eventually, I’ll record on my own and he will edit the show. The show goes live next week.

Your podcast flows effortlessly, any tips and recommendations for a beginner?