Podcast help

I’ve been down a rabbit hole writing my first podcast episodes and it sucks. 30+ pages and 3 half work days later and i still have not finished writing or recorded the first one. And to heap suffering on suffering i am making it mean that i am not smart enough, I’m not as good of a coach as I thought, i overcomplicate things (which wouldn’t happen if I were smarter and a better coach), I’m a poor writer, I’m terrible at creating coaching content and my podcast then is going to suck, fail and then my business will too. I love Brooke’s and also podcasts like Kara’s and right now though am using those not as examples but as some sort of unattainable standard for me that I’m just beating myself up with. I obviously don’t like the result I’m creating with no to poor podcast but I’m also just really upset that I’m sucked back up into an old pattern of perfectionist procrastination- I’ve been up late, working a ton and I just generate more pages, lostness, and get further down the rabbit hole. This was my pattern in law school and it was miserable-I’d work so hard, generate a lot of shit that goes no where, be exhausted and then almost scared of myself and experiencing it the next time. I got zero’s on a few papers because even though i know done is better than good, it was like it felt physically impossible to my brain to know how to pull it all together. And I’m doing that to myself with podcast business. I know there is a great opportunity for myself here. I did self coach but it started to feel like procrastination which is also why I have been even reluctant to do my work here, but I’m hoping you can help! Thank you!