Podcast on Shyness

Your podcast on shyness really spoke to me. I always thought I was an extrovert because I get so much energy when I’m teaching. So I never understood why I hate social functions or making small talk with strangers. I work with people all day and I have kids. Lately I have been feeling very drained, without doing anything that should really make me extra tired. When I listened to your podcast, it was like you were describing me to a T. I especially love all the insight into shyness you provided. I was very shy, and still am, and utilize all of those tools you mentioned to overcome it. They do work, it’s amazing how you can get through any uncomfortable social engagement by asking questions about other people and taking the attention off yourself.

I have been overly judgmental and critical of my partner lately, and now I’m thinking it’s because that is just one more obstacle to me getting that alone time I so desperately need to feel recharged. With my long work hours, commitments with the kids, and spending quality time with my significant other, I’m really struggling with making that time for myself. Do you have any suggestions for making that a priority without hurting those in your life who really want to spend time with you?

Thank you for all of the amazing work you do.