Podcast Study Guide Exercise: Negativity

I am loving this month and ‘Negativity’ podcast is exactly what I needed to solve lot of my current problems. Please see my questions below:

I was doing the exercise on negativity and got stuck at question 2. It sounded to me same as Q1. Can you please explain what is the difference between Q1 and Q2 with an example and also if possible provide an example answer for Q3? Below is how I attempted to answer Q1

1) What you think is negative in world or life?
I am neutral about the world
About my life, I have lot of resistance to do things, I always immediately focus on how difficult or complicated a thing can be and unless it is done at least once, I don’t feel confident or happy about doing things.
I hate my laziness but still indulge with laziness and hate myself more for doing it
I am not decisive and I have suffered and made other people suffer with me by not deciding and moving onto next step, making them feel like they are stuck in a limbo
Nothing has gone right with my personal life in terms of finding a partner
My boy friend is insensitive and not emotional and I still choose to be with him