Poem for Lisa H /beliefs coaching call

Lisa you’re a candy
Don’t know the words in English but I do it in french so here’s a little french poem just for you so now you can not say anymore you never had someone writing a poem for you 😉

Lisa tu es un bonbon

Un Arlequin rond et doux
Un Chocolat au caramel tendre
Un rouleau de réglisse poivré interpelant
Un malabar aux bulles roses qui rendent heureuse
Un rocher exotique
Un praliné encourageant
Une bouteille de coca pétillant
Une pâte de fruit sucrée et généreuse
Un chocolat réconfortant.

I’m sorry I’m not able to translate it but these are french candies which have a taste, a colour or a consistency which make me think about what feelings you made me feel explaining beliefs for the first call on this topic : sweet, soft, pink, comforting, spicy which make us thing and being aware, sparkling.
I’m a new scholar and your explanation about believes is just perfect, smart, helpful and reassuring, compassionate. Thank you so much ! It makes me willing practising my new thoughts more again understanding how far better and feeling right holding the old ones at the same time without feeling stupid, incapable or failing. You’re completely worthy having your own personal candies poem !!! 🎁🍬🍬🍬
Perhaps it’s an idea to create a Lisa box with all these french candies which would bring us so amazing sensations : recomforting, questioning, soft, pink, sparkly…kinda Harry Potter candies but just with nice and varied tastes